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VIVA: 360 Degree Leadership
360 Degree Leadership:
Evaluating Minnesota Principals

A Collaborative Report from the Members of the VIVA Project
Minnesota Teachers Idea Exchange

Prepared for: Governor Mark Dayton

Prepared by: Members of The VIVA Project Minnesota Teachers Idea Exchange Writing Collaborative, on behalf of their peers in The VIVA Project Minnesota Teachers Idea Exchange

Delivered: February 22, 2012

Abstract & Summation: Classroom teachers and instructional personnel in public schools across Minnesota spent hundreds of yours considering the ways a principal should support both students and teachers and how those efforts can best be measured. Empowered by cutting-edge technology, these teaching professionals shared hundreds of ideas. Then, a small group of their colleagues distilled those ideas into 10 recommendations for ensuring principals are good managers and strong instructional leaders who can create the positive school climate needed to ensure student success.

Partners: Education MN President Tom Dooher and MN Department of Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius


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To download the complete report
Scroll to the PDF below to download the complete 36-page report on 360 Degree Leadership: Evaluating Minnesota Principals.