MESPA Speaks 2024


Believe, Belong, Become: Leading with Love and Equity as an Elementary School Principal


Goosebumps and Tears: How to Live a Life Filled with Passion and Purpose

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MESPA Speaks 2020

Another year, another amazing lineup of MESPA Speaks performances! This year we were inspired and moved by our members' performances. Brian Franklin presented on the aspect of serving students with compassion, Shawn Stibbins doesn't want you to forget your superpower, Sam Fredrickson discusses turning reflection inward, and Fatima Lawson wants you to know there's two sides to every story.

MESPA Speaks 2019

Another year, another amazing trio of MESPA Speaks performances! This year we were treated to a musical interlude, heartfelt messages of the power of influence, and inspiration from an amazing student! If you ever find yourself forgetting why you do what you do, just watch these videos for a quick jolt of inspiration! 

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MESPA Speaks 2018

Every year we can't imagine how our MESPA Speaks presenters are going to match the energy and passion of the year before – and every year they step up to the challenge! These amazing MESPA Speaks videos will inspire you to get up and tackle whatever challenges come your way – and give you practical ideas to help! #mespamn 

"I enjoy MESPA Speaks each year - I like the format and the 10 minute sessions with lots of practical information that I can take back and use right away in my practice!"

– from an Institute attendee

MESPA Speaks 2017

There's no way the 2017 MESPA Speaks presenters could reach the same level of epic-ness as last year's presenters, right? WRONG! These eight amazing MESPA Speaks videos will knock your socks off with their inspiring, motivating, and moving messages! #MESPAmn 

MESPA Speaks 2016 

At MESPA Institute 2016 we asked our members to share their stories in short, inspirational talks. And WOW did they deliver. MESPA Speaks was a phenomenal success. Take time to watch these 5-10 minute videos from your colleagues. We promise, you won't be disappointed! #MESPAmn 

From Burger King to King of the School - Billy Chan

Why I am a Principal - Mark Ziebarth

Principal as Leader Learner: It Begins with Self-Awareness - Tracy Reimer

Feed the Teachers So They Don't Eat the Kids - 
Karen Keffeler

Social Leadership - Jenny Hill

READ READ READ, Principal Book Clubs - Tom Benson

Fearless: Performance & Speech - Kat Perkins

Renegade Leadership - Brad Gustafson

Forever Beta School Improvement - Craig Anderson

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