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TILL360 supports your current systems and practices.

We know that all schools want to create a positive, equitable, high quality instruction and collaborative environment for students, staff and families but many schools are not able to meet those needs because they don’t have systems to support “it.”

Our TILL360 team collaborates and works alongside district leadership and school sites to develop the internal capacity to integrate specific processes, procedures, and practices that support social, emotional, and behavior growth.

A whole community approach!

We want to create a Safe, Positive, Predictable, Proactive, Reinforcing and Responsive environment for “ALL.”

TILL360 supports Districts, Schools, Educators, Students, Families and Communities through an MTSS Framework. We work with your team to look at systems and professional development that will move your system to support all students, educators and families in the process.

World-class speakers and consultants/trainers

Joe Beckman and Curt Slater have over 40 years of combined experience speaking in and working with schools.

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Curt Slater

Joe Beckman

Website: https://till360consulting.com

We provide programming around:

Adult SEL
Student SEL
Trama Informed Care
Restorative Practices
Responsive Classroom
Self-Care & Relationships
And more!…

Watch this video for Principals!

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It was SO powerful!!! You could have heard a pin drop in the room.
Thank you for your amazing words, your fantastic book, and for
helping my staff with exactly what they needed this morning!!!

—Brenda Nyhus - Principal, REAMS, Rockford MN

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